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Risk and Dispute Consulting


Ikertu is an investigative consultancy that helps clients to cut risk and safely exploit opportunity. We advise on:

new business: transactions and partnerships

disputes: litigation, corporate contests, investor situations

debts: recovering debts, enforcing judgments



Ikertu helps executives and investors understand the risk of the new: new partnerships, acquisitions and investments. We concentrate on human risk - how the behaviour of management, shareholders, suppliers and regulators can add to or undermine the value of a business - especially in countries with weak rule of law and emerging sectors with fast-changing dynamics.

The key to most contests is information - to build the strongest possible case and to understand every facet of the opposition. This is true of corporate contests, activist situations and litigation alike. Ikertu works with clients and their lawyers to bring about swift, favourable resolution.

Ikertu advises financial institutions on recovering sizeable debts and successful litigants on enforcing judgments. Sometimes we contribute to an existing legal strategy; sometimes we take on management responsibility for the project, drawing up the recovery plan and working in collaboration with lawyers. In either case, we seek to maximise the speed and size of recovery for the client.



New business

In The Press


Ikertu’s work is founded on three principles:


The client’s objective is paramount. Information is only valuable when it advances the client’s interests, and all investigative work should be done with the desired result in mind. On certain cases Ikertu is happy to consider partial success fees for its work. 

Transparency is critical. We do not believe that the investigative process should be mysterious, or introduce new risks to situations that may already be delicate. We lay out what we will do and how we will do it at the outset of every assignment, and communicate fully throughout. 


There is no one way of doing things. Open source information, human intelligence and field work can form powerful combinations according to the needs of the case.

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Ikertu maintains a network of experts in the business intelligence and investigations fields and assembles teams according to the particular requirements of each assignment. Apart from being flexible and efficient, this ensures that specialist talent is directed at even the most challenging situations. 

Ikertu is run by Chris Morgan Jones, who has worked in the business intelligence industry for twenty-five years - first at Kroll Inc. and then as a Senior Advisor to K2 Integrity. 


He has extensive experience of supporting clients faced with complex, often hostile disputes – helping to set strategy, gathering evidence and intelligence related to the case, and securing recovery during the enforcement phase.


He has also conducted a large number of assignments for clients looking to better understand acquisition targets, competitor behaviour, market dynamics and specific aspects of political or regulatory risk.


He has written four novels, which have been published internationally.




Ikertu Limited

+44 (7780) 668 813

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